Hanzich Fellowship Application

The application deadline is Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 by 11:59pm.

IMPORTANT: You should enter your recommender in CARAT before starting any other application materials. Ask your recommender in advance, and complete the Reference part of CARAT as soon as possible so that your recommender has all the instructions for completing their letter. Do NOT wait until the night before the application is due to send the reference request from CARAT.


Rising juniors and rising seniors at Harvard College may apply for the Joey Hanzich Memorial Fellowship. Priority will be given to those enrolled in the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy, but applicants from any field who pursue a summer internship or research in health policy or global health are encouraged to apply.


1. Visit the Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT) site and complete all the required fields.

For the budget section, please note that awards may not be used for multi-use equipment such as laptops or digital cameras; do not include these in your budget. Students are expected to review discount student travel resources for housing and airfare, and they should be aware that funding will not be supplemented if the cost of traveling increases closer to the date of departure.

2. Upload the following in PDF format:

  • Proposal

This is the key element of your application. The selection committee will evaluate this component of your application based on how your proposed summer work will further the legacy of Joey Hanzich. Your proposal must be 2–3 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins. It should succinctly describe your motivations for pursuing your proposed summer internship or research in global health or health policy.

  • For internships, please describe the internship or type of work you will be pursuing and how this experience will further your personal and professional goals. Please specify whether or not you have secured a specific internship with an elected official, organization, etc. at the time of applying for the fellowship.
  • For research, please describe the research question or problem you will be exploring, the advisor(s) you plan to work with, the types of methods that you plan to employ, anticipated timeline of work, and why you feel this project is important.
  • If you plan to use the Joey Hanzich Fellowship for international travel, please describe your interest in the country you plan to travel to, the projects you plan to work on, and how you will grow personally and academically through the experience.
  • While your resume will be included as part of your application package, please feel free to discuss how your former experiences have inspired you to pursue this type of summer work, as appropriate.
  • Résumé

This should be 1–2 pages maximum.

  • Unofficial Transcript

Obtain a copy of your latest online unofficial transcript (NOT the S-REC), including your fall course grades. To access your unofficial transcript:

  • Login to my.harvard.edu.
  • Select Student Home at the top of the page.
  • Under Grades, select Current Level, and then select View Unofficial Transcript.
  • In the Academic Institution drop down menu, select Harvard University.
  • In the Report Type drop down menu, select Harvard College.
  • Click View Report.
  • You will be prompted to login via the Harvard PIN System.
  • Select "Show undergraduate transcript," and your Unofficial Transcript will open. (If you have a pop-up blocker, you may have to disable it to allow this page to open.)  
  • Download and save in pdf format. 

Request One Recommendation Letter in CARAT

This can be brief (1–2 paragraphs minimum) and should be from the individual who plans to supervise your summer internship or work abroad, whether this is a faculty member, advisor, PhD student, boss, etc. This letter should attest to your ability to complete your project and must be submitted via CARAT.

If your summer supervisor is not someone who knows you well, you may add a second letter from someone who can comment on your interest in global health/health policy. A second reference can be emailed directly from the author to Emily Maguire.

Here are instructions on how to enter a reference request, and additional instructions are also available directly in CARAT:

  • If your recommender is a Harvard affiliate, search for their name, and their information will auto-populate. If your recommender is outside of Harvard, manually completed the name, title, and email fields.
  • Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the “Send reference request to” button that appears
  • CARAT will send an email automatically

    Summer Funding Policy: To promote equitable distribution of summer funding across the undergraduate community, students are eligible to accept funding from only one Harvard source of funding each summer. Therefore, students who receive Cordeiro Fellowship funding may not accept any additional funding from Harvard during the same summer without approval. Similarly, students who accept Cordeiro Fellowship summer funding are not eligible to receive a waiver to enroll in a Harvard Summer School course or vice versa. Students must disclose if they are receiving Harvard funding at any point throughout the summer, and GHHP reserves the right to modify awards accordingly. Failure to promptly report other Harvard-funded summer activities may be reported to the Administrative Board.

    Please reach out to emily_maguire@harvard.edu with any questions .

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How are applicants evaluated and when will they be notified of the outcome of their application?

    Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of appropriateness of pursuing work that furthers the legacy of Joey Hanzich. The candidate’s motivation to pursue the proposed summer work in global health and/or health policy will be of utmost importance. The selection committee will also evaluate the proposal’s originality, importance, feasibility, and overall quality. All applicants will be notified by email regarding the outcome of their application after the selection committee has reviewed all applications. The selection committee plans to announce finalists for the fellowship in late March, and may hold finalist interviews by phone or in person during the month of April.

    How much funding is available?

    The fellowship has approximately $4,000 that it may allocate in the current application year. Applicants are welcome to submit a budget proposal that exceeds this amount, however, and partial awards may also be made. This is a competitive fellowship; thus, not all applicants will receive awards.

    If I am not enrolled in the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy, can I still apply?

    Yes, all rising juniors or seniors who plan to pursue summer internships relevant to the fellowship are eligible to apply. Please note, however, that priority will be given to students enrolled in the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy. 

    If I am awarded the Fellowship, what other requirements will I need to fulfill?

    Following the completion of your summer internship/research experience, the fellowship committee will request that you submit a short report summarizing your work. This report will be shared with the Hanzich Family and the selection committee members; with the applicant’s permission, portions of it may be shared on future websites or brochures that promote this fellowship in the future. Additionally, the GHHP program may request that you participate in future group information sessions or events designed to promote the fellowship to future candidates.