GHHP 91: Supervised Reading and Research is not a traditional course with weekly meeting times. It is essentially an independent study (but graded). Please note that you must be a declared GHHP Secondary Field student in order to register for GHHP 91.

Typically students determine a topic area themselves and then find a faculty advisor, although if you already are involved in a research project with faculty, you may write a paper related to that research. Advisors can be from anywhere at Harvard – even at HSPH or HMS, so feel free to think beyond the main campus – as long as they have a faculty appointment. Graduate students are not eligible to be advisors for GHHP 91. Harvard Catalyst can be an excellent resource for researching potential advisors. If you come in and talk with us about your research interests, we’re happy to help you brainstorm names of faculty whom you might approach.

Your GHHP 91 paper should have some sort of analytic component; even if it's mostly a lit review, it should be a critical lit review (what are the problems with the published studies, what questions does the literature not answer?). Your advisor must agree to substantial interaction/advising on the research project throughout the semester. In order to successfully complete GHHP 91, you are required to submit a research paper (minimum of 20 pages exclusive of graphics or bibliography, with the same editorial guidelines as the extra thesis chapter) to both your advisor and the GHHP Department (email Christy Colburn) during Reading Period. Your advisor is responsible for evaluating the paper, which will be letter graded.

Students who wish to register for this course must submit two things via email to Christy Colburn before the study card due date of the term in which the student plans to take the course:

1) Completed and signed GHHP 91 contract (please submit as a Word doc, not a PDF or scanned file)

2) 1-2 page research topic proposal and preliminary reading list (must be together in one document)

The registration deadline for Fall 2017 is Wednesday, Sept. 6th at 5:00 pm. Once all three items have been received, either Christy Colburn or Debbie Whitney will electronically sign your study card.

Note: Students often ask "What is the difference between GHHP 99 and 91?" GHHP 99 is a guided research seminar offered every spring, taught by graduate students, with a regular weekly meeting time. TFs work with students in small groups to complete their research papers. GHHP 91 is similar to an independent study (but graded) where the student is working independently, under the guidance of a faculty advisor, to write his/her research paper. Meeting times are determined jointly by the student and advisor.

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