215. WeCancer, São Paulo, Brazil

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Did you know there are 18.1 million new cancer patients every year? A study called “World Cancer Report 2018” released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed recently that the cancer burden has risen from 14 million to 18.1 million new cases and around 9.6 million people died because of it in 2018 alone. OMS’s projections for 2040 are not any better. 29.5 million new cases and 16.3 million deaths on a year basis. Its treatment is long and full of challenges. High patient / doctor ratio, long time period between doctor appointments and the ‘poor memory' factor all contribute to making it very hard for the medical teams to efficiently monitor and track each and every patient’s individual clinical evolution when away from hospitals. For this very reason, there is significant lack of qualified information for out-patients enrolled in mid or long-term cancer treatments.  Real World oncological data can truly contribute to life sciences and even guide public policy. ... Read more about 215. WeCancer, São Paulo, Brazil