215. WeCancer, São Paulo, Brazil

Did you know there are 14 million new cancer patients every year?  A study called “World cancer Report 2014” released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed that 14 million people have discovered cancer and around 8 million people died because of it.

OMS’s projections for 2030 are not any better.  27 million new cases and 75 million people living with some kind of cancer.

Its treatment is long and full of challenges.  High patient / doctor ratio, long time period between doctor appointments  and the ‘poor memory' factor all contribute to making it very hard for the medical teams to efficiently monitor and track each and every patients individual clinical evolution.  For this very reason, there is a lack of qualified patient information during chemo or radio therapy which can truly contribute to science and guide public policy.

Wecancer was born in an attempt to solve some of these issues.  It is a remote monitoring platform for cancer patients.

We developed three platforms: an app for patients, a dashboard for doctors to gather information related to physical and psycho-emotional patient’s health and a Notification Center for Hospitals to screen patients in real time.

The Patients app contains patient’s profile and treatment data, including medicines, daily routine and collateral effects the person may feel during the procedures (e.g. fever, nausea, etc.).

During his or her doctor appointment, Wecancer makes it possible for the oncologist to access information from a web based platform with analytics tools.  It is all designed to display each patient’s clinical condition together with a brief history in a super intuitive form.

The third platform is called “Patient Spotlight”, a real time notification center aimed for treatment centers. It notifies institutions about patient evolution depending on certain patient reported outcomes. Based on qualified information, the platform allows the medical teams to act proactively and extend assistance outside of its walls.  The alerts contribute to the early detection of complications which consequently reduces hospitalisation and operational costs.

In eight months work we achieved a total of 2500 downloads and currently have around 400 patients utilising our platform.  We still operate in trial mode with only two hospitals accessing our dashboard.

During 2017 we worked on trial mode collecting information and feedbacks from users and clients. We wish to expand our solutions among 10 treatment centers, 100 doctors and 10.000 patients by the end of 2018.

Website: https://www.wecancer.com.br

Summer Projects:

There are two projects available, and you can choose between the two. You will be asked your preference during the interview.

Project 1

Cancer belongs to a group of diseases whose mortality rate depend on its type and development. Despite medicine progress in terms of treatment, there are innumerable metaphors associated with its diagnosis, still connecting this pathology to a death sentence, triggering a series of reactions and emotions on the patient and on the family.

However, all forms of treatment leave marks on the patient, regardless of its type, mainly because of the emotional stress caused by therapeutic procedures, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Despite medicine technological progress, cancer diagnosis is still often seen as an unresolved problem. Thus, although it is proven that 50% of the cases are curable or controlled, this image persists, especially by the "terminal" label.

In order to help our patients, we need to understand who they are, their desires, fears and longings, as well as the motives behind the use of our tool. Despite recent studies on the benefits of the patient reported outcomes, there are still few studies contemplating behavioral aspects of patients using this type of technology during treatment.

For this vacancy we look for an intern that leads the process of searching for questions like these: How does the wecancer patient spends their time? How does he feel? What are his frequent thoughts? How many family members? What is his family role on the treatment? Social class? Eating habits? What is the main reason for using wecancer? What is the quality of wecancer service? Is he hoping for a cure? What are the reasons to believe in healing? How faith and religiosity take part in treatment? And what about psychology? What are the aspects of preventive medicine?

The intern is free to propose questions and suggest methodologies for data gathering.

An in-depth analysis of wecancer users will allow us to understand relationships and behavioral characteristics derived from user-supplied data and thus develop an inference method on patients' personality type.

The work will also involve grouping users into clusters, the idea is to allow us to divide users into groups that have characteristics in common.

We emphasize that in this project the intern will work with associated doctors, researchers and at least one other intern.

Project 2

Remote monitoring via an electronic patient reported outcome solution, also known as "real world data” within the medical environment, allows Wecancer to collect significant data on cancer treatment. We strongly believe that Wecancer can drive and contribute not only scientific production but also public policies.

Important issues are faced daily, such as deciding which features we should present to patients and physicians to fulfill our purpose of helping patients live longer and better. We believe that data analysis can make these choices more rational and achieve better results based on real world evidence.

We are looking for a young and curious leader, passionate about data analysis, with the goal of assisting the digital oncological research field and doing their best by working directly with hospitals and universities through the interpretation of real world patient data.

The team needs to understand what is the real value behind Wecancer.  What exactly it provides towards people’s health and hospital’s operations cost?  We also aim to better understand drug effect patterns, adherence to treatment, patient habits, and features that could directly benefit quality of life.


Project 1

  • Immersion in the oncology universe: understand wecancer and its universe and also visit different stakeholders in the sector, with the aim of understanding the reality of each segment in Brazil, as well as the cancer treatment and its collected data;
  • Lead the research method;
  • Choose research methodology and behavioral assessment;
  • Plan among managers the wecancer goals and processes;
  • Interview doctors, patients and family;
  • Tabulate the data;
  • Analyze and interpret the data;
  • Present the outcomes for managers, doctors and invited patients.

Project 2

  • Immersion in the oncology universe: Understand Wecancer and its ecosystem, visit different stakeholders with the purpose of understanding cancer treatment reality in each of the different social classes in Brazil as well as its captured data;
  • Analyze raw data: quality, cleaning and process structuring assessment;
  • Identify patterns within captured data and detect relevant trends;
  • Map which features brings more benefits for patients' health;
  • Identify opportunities for collecting more data, implementing automation and AI;
  • Interact and collaborate with doctors, patients, IT and business department;
  • Generate insights for solution improvement.


We are looking for someone that appreciates big challenges and demonstrates curiosity. Proactivity and the sense of ownership are desirable characteristics. Being a result-oriented person that has big dreams and pursues opportunities related to its life purpose is a plus. The person must be good at analyzing numbers, tendencies and data, basic statistics, crosstabs, significance test and/or general linear modeling, and generating creative solutions.


On a scale from 0 (very independent) to 10 (very supervised), this internship will be about a 5.

Work Environment:

The intern will mainly work from our São Paulo office, which has a very productive and casual environment.   We would also like to provide the opportunity for the intern to attend a few meetings and visit hospitals in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

There are other interns currently working at Wecancer, making the environment very interesting in terms of cultural exchange.

Specific Application Instructions:

In your personal statement, please make sure to include what attracts you to working with technology in healthcare and oncology.

Additional Requirements:

A Brazilian visa will likely be required for most applicants, depending on nationality.

Click here for instructions on how to apply.