215. WeCancer, São Paulo, Brazil

Please note: Applying for this internship will not count against the three application limit. You do not need to receive permission to submit an additional application for this internship.

Did you know there are 18.1 million new cancer patients every year? A study called “World Cancer Report 2018” released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed recently that the cancer burden has risen from 14 million to 18.1 million new cases and around 9.6 million people died because of it in 2018 alone. OMS’s projections for 2040 are not any better. 29.5 million new cases and 16.3 million deaths on a year basis. Its treatment is long and full of challenges. High patient / doctor ratio, long time period between doctor appointments and the ‘poor memory' factor all contribute to making it very hard for the medical teams to efficiently monitor and track each and every patient’s individual clinical evolution when away from hospitals. For this very reason, there is significant lack of qualified information for out-patients enrolled in mid or long-term cancer treatments.  Real World oncological data can truly contribute to life sciences and even guide public policy.

WeCancer was born in an attempt to solve some of these issues. It is a remote monitoring platform for cancer patients. We developed two very user-friendly platforms: an app for patients we call ‘a companion’ for cancer treatment and a dashboard for doctors to access qualified information related to physical and psycho-emotional patient’s health. The Patient mobile platform contains a full profile and treatment data, including medication, a patient reported outcome solution for collateral effects, daily routine, treatment schedule and also a chat where patients can get help from a qualified nurse in his medical team. All the collected data is accessed by each patient’s medical teams from a web-based platform with easy to use analytics tools that contribute to a closer, more accurate and individualized care. From this platform the teams can administer medication and appointments, set alarms for patients as well as monitor each patients’ health and evolution remotely.  The cool part is that it all happens in real-time and notifications can be set for variables such as low treatment engagement or critical patient reported events. The result is a pro-active way to handle cancer out-patients and a tool for extending care outside hospital walls. International research shows that this kind of solution contributes to a longer and better life for patients, avoiding hospitalizations and reducing treatment global costs.

WeCancer has 1246 registered users and a total of 3100 downloads.  We work together with some of the best health institutions in Latin America and make a huge effort to take our solution to as many patients as possible.  Our main goal in 2019 is to reach a total of 20,000 active users between 20 relevant cancer treatment centers. 



Summer Projects

There are two projects available, and you can choose between the two. You will be asked your preference during the interview.

Project 1: Data Analysis

Our Electronic Patient Reported Outcome Solution allows us to collect valuable information about ongoing cancer treatment.  The data we collect is known as ‘Real World Data’ and we believe that WeCancer can collaborate actively towards scientific production and public health policies. Efficient data analysis can rationalize and support important business decisions faced on a daily basis, such as figuring out which functionalities should be prioritized for testing between patients and physicians.  The daily goal is to fulfil our purpose of helping cancer patients live better and longer. For the 2019 WeCancer Summer Internship Program we seek a curious and passionate candidate, willing to try his best in analysing and interpreting real world data for digital oncology research.  Our team works tirelessly to identify the real benefit behind WeCancer for patients and treatment centres and also to better understand adverse events trends, treatment engagement and patients’ habits.


Project 2: Business Development

"Health care in the United States and other nations is on a collision course with patient needs and economic reality. Rising costs, mounting quality problems, and increasing numbers of citizens without health insurance are unacceptable--and unsustainable.” We are very fond of Michael Porter’s book Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on Results, and constantly attempt to translate some of the concepts into our operation. It is a mid-term goal of ours to develop a sustainable value-based revenue model at WeCancer and we believe this is just the right time to start designing it. For the 2019 WeCancer Summer Internship Program we look for a modern thinking business driven candidate, curious and passionate about the healthcare environment and daring enough to provide consultancy on a new value based revenue model to substitute our current fee for service model.



  • Immersion in Brazilian Healthcare environment, working directly with oncological healthcare providers and patients.
  • Product Advisory (generating insights for solution improvement)
  • Defining research methodology and behavioral assessment 
  • Mapping onboarding processes in public hospitals
  • Feedback collection, analysis and implementation
  • Process optimization (efficiency)
  • New process testing within two partner organizations
  • Interaction and collaboration with physicians, patients, technology and business teams.


We are looking for someone with a taste for big challenges and demonstrates curiosity. Proactivity and sense of ownership are desirable characteristics. Being a result-oriented person with big dreams who pursues opportunities related to his/her life purpose is a plus. The person must be good at analyzing numbers, tendencies and data, basic statistics and generating creative solutions.

Work Environment

The intern will mainly work from our São Paulo office which has a very productive and casual environment. We would also like to provide the opportunity for the intern to attend a few meetings and visit hospitals outside of the city of São Paulo, such as Rio de Janeiro. There are other interns currently working at Wecancer, making the environment very interesting in terms of cultural exchange.


On a scale of 0 to 5, the level of internship supervision from very little (0) to a great deal (5) will be a 2.


Ideally between June and mid-August.

Special Instructions

Please make sure to include what attracts you to working with technology in healthcare and oncology in your personal statement.

Additional Requirements

A Brazilian tourist visa will likely be required for most applicants, depending on nationality.

Quotes from Previous Fellows

“My official role at WeCancer is a data analyst, working with the data that we collect from the users of our mobile app. This position involves a lot of independent thinking as I am free to choose the direction of research. Also, beyond my work at the office, I spend time at the local hospitals and cancer centers, communicating with medical staff including doctors and nurses to understand the state of oncology in Brazil and Sao Paulo and integrate it with our existing platform.” Jungyeon Park, Summer 2018

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