Hanzich Fellowship

Anjali Chandra

Profile: Anjali Chandra

June 11, 2018

Anjali Chandra, Class of 2018, concentrated in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology and received a certificate in Spanish.

While at the college she was an active part of Harvard Dharma, the Hindu students group, Harvard Development Think Tank and the Harvard College Rural Health Association. As outreach chair for Dharma, she helped organize a program called Face to Faith, funded by the Undergraduate Council, where different campus faith communities could interact through interfaith panel discussions, visiting each other's places of worship, and participating in...

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Angela Leocata

Profile: Angela Leocata

June 11, 2018

Angela Leocata graduated in 2018 summa cum laude in Anthropology with a secondary in Global Health and Healthy Policy. She is driven by questions of subjectivity, suffering, and care as they are experienced in daily life. For her Hanzich fellowship, she interned with Sangath, a mental health research institute in Goa, India, on a program focused on mothers with maternal depression. She continued to participate with this organization for nine months, accumulating into her thesis project: “Reconsidering Care: ...

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Lily Zhang

Profile: Lily Zhang

May 25, 2016
Lily Zhang is an undergraduate in the Class of 2017 studying Statistics and Global Health and Health Policy. She is passionate about addressing issues of poverty, social inequities, and human rights through innovation and technology. Freshman year, she co-organized Mob Malaria, a social media-driven campaign to raise awareness of malaria, culminating in a flash mob that took place in the US, China, and Zimbabwe on World Malaria Day 2014. During her summers, she has conducted social network research of online health communities as a research fellow for the Harvard Global Health Institute;... Read more about Profile: Lily Zhang
Annika Nielsen

Profile: Annika Nielsen

May 25, 2016

Annika has worked for the past eight years in her neighborhood of Dorchester, MA through advocacy groups, farmers markets, and civic associations to address neighborhood health concerns, with a particular focus on diet and nutrition. Through the generous support of the Joey Hanzich Memorial Fellowship, Annika spent the summer of 2014 conducting ethnographic research for her Social Studies thesis on food access, consumption, and purchasing habits in the Codman Square area of Dorchester. Her research sparked a particular interest in healthy food access and affordability. Annika now works...

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Ishani Premaratne

Profile: Ishani Premaratne

November 6, 2014

Ishani Premaratne is a pre-medical student and anthropology concentrator in her senior year at Harvard. She is passionate about global healthcare delivery in resource-constrained settings, women's empowerment, and social entrepreneurship. It is a combination of these interests that led her to co-found GrowLanka, a social enterprise that serves war widows in northern Sri Lanka. She is also the co-Founder and President of Harvard College Women in Medicine, a Resolution Fellow with The Resolution Project and a 2014 Global Health Equity Option Scholar with the Department of Global Health and...

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Kathy Ku

Profile: Kathy Ku

September 1, 2014

Kathy Ku is a 2013-14 graduate who is currently living in Uganda. With the help of the Joey Hanzich Memorial Fellowship, Kathy was able to work with SPOUTS of Water, a ceramic water filter production center in Uganda. Moving beyond traditional means of production and distribution, Kathy was able to focus on partnerships with schools and local governments and NGOs so that the filters could be easily accessible in public places. Since her fellowship, Kathy has graduated and is working in Uganda full-...

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Sandra Lynne Fryhofer

Profile: Sandra Lynne Fryhofer

August 26, 2014

Sandra Lynne Fryhofer was the first student awarded the Joey Hanzich Memorial Fellowship in 2011. Through the fellowship, she was able to do summer research for her senior thesis on the development of state-based exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, which involved an internship at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, D.C. With the help of the fellowship, in addition to her internship, she was able to travel to conferences, such as the National Conference of Insurance...

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