Meet HGHI's Fellows

Each summer, Harvard Global Health Institute (HGHI) offers opportunities for students interested in global health to connect classroom knowledge and skills to complex issues in the field. These summer research opportunities and internships range from placements in laboratories and research groups, to field work with hospitals and community health clinics, to office-based internships with NGOS and international organizations. Students also receive funding for internships or research projects they arrange independently.

Since 2009, Harvard Global Health Institute’s Research and Internships Programs have supported almost 800 students, who have worked with over 250 organizations in 45 different countries around the world.

From data available on approximately 500 program alumni:

  • 63% of participants have gone on to earn graduate degrees
  • Approximately 40% of alumni are working towards, or already have, an MD.
  • Of those alumni pursing MDs, 26% have attended Harvard Medical School, followed by 8% attending Stanford, 6% attending Columbia, and 5% or less attending Mt. Sinai, University of Pennsylvania, UC San Francisco, University of Washington, Yale, Einstein, and Cornell. 
  • Other alumni have gone on to pursue degrees including: PhD, JD, MBA, MPH, and MAs.

Program Alumni are primarily working in the following sectors: 

HGHI Alumni Professions



2020 HGHI Summer Undergraduate Fellows

2019 HGHI Summer Undergraduate Fellows