217. Getting to Zero, Mbarara, Uganda

Please Note: Applying for this internship will not count against the three application limit, so you may apply for it in addition to three others. You do not need to receive permission to submit the additional application.

The full title of this project is Getting to Zero: Safer conception programming to eliminate sexual and perinatal HIV transmission among HIV-serodifferent couples. This is an exciting opportunity for an undergraduate student to join our HIV and Reproductive Health research team in Mbarara, Uganda.

Globally, eighteen million women and men living with HIV want to have a child. Condomless sex between HIV-serodifferent (one HIV-positive, one HIV-negative) couples who want children contributes to 1.5 million HIV infections and 150,000 perinatal transmissions annually. Safer conception interventions promoting antiretroviral (ARV)-mediated viral suppression, pre-exposure prophylaxis, and/or condomless sex timed to peak fertility can eliminate HIV transmission, keeping sexual partners and babies HIV-free.... Read more about 217. Getting to Zero, Mbarara, Uganda

215. WeCancer, São Paulo, Brazil

Did you know there are 14 million new cancer patients every year?  A study called “World cancer Report 2014” released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) showed that 14 million people have discovered cancer and around 8 million people died because of it.

OMS’s projections for 2030 are not any better.  27 million new cases and 75 million people living with some kind of cancer.

Its treatment is long and full of challenges.  High patient / doctor ratio, long time period between doctor appointments  and the ‘poor memory' factor...

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210. Kwon Lab, Durban, South Africa

The Kwon Laboratory is focused on applying new technologies to the study of immune responses against HIV at mucosal surfaces. Our group in South Africa performs translational research utilizing patient samples from the well-characterized FRESH (Females Rising through Education, Support, and Health) cohort to better understand viral, metagenomic, and adaptive immune factors important for HIV immunity and pathogenesis in the female genital tract.

In South Africa, the student will partner with our collaborators in the clinic at the FRESH study site and in the laboratory at the...

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214. Sangath, Goa, India

Sangath is a non-governmental, not-for-profit research organisation committed to improving health across the lifespan by empowering existing community resources to provide appropriate physical, psychological and social therapies. Its primary focus areas include child development, adolescent and youth health, and mental health and chronic disease. A key element of Sangath’s philosophy is to strengthen state and private sector services by integrating and scaling up affordable and effective interventions through sustainable health systems.... Read more about 214. Sangath, Goa, India

209. Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education, Chennai, India

Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education (YRG CARE) ( is located in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state and one of the epicenters of the Indian HIV epidemic. YRG CARE is one of the largest private organizations providing HIV care in India, having treated over 20,000 PLHIV since its founding in 1993. YRG CARE serves patients who are newly diagnosed with HIV as well as experienced patients referred from other HIV providers.... Read more about 209. Y.R. Gaitonde Centre for AIDS Research and Education, Chennai, India