321. Global Health Delivery Project, Boston, MA

Please note that applications will be accepted for this internship until February 5th at 5pm. Applying for this internship will not count against the three application limit, so you may apply for this in addition to three others.

The Global Health Delivery (GHD) Project was launched in 2007 as an interdisciplinary collaboration between Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Business School. The GHD Project investigates the management decisions behind disease treatment and prevention globally. These lessons are disseminated through multiple channels developed by the GHD Project, including open-access online professional communities (www.GHDonline.org), teaching case studies (www.ghdonline.org/cases), educational programs, and scholarly publications. GHD’s aim is to create and diffuse knowledge and to train current and future health care leaders to be effective delivery professionals. You can read more at: www.globalhealthdelivery.org  and www.ghdonline.org.

Summer Project:

Global Health Delivery Intensive Program (GHDI)

The Global Health Delivery Intensive Program (GHDI) is a rigorous three and a half week summer session intended for mid-career global health professionals who seek training in in global health delivery concepts and skills. The program consists of three courses taught at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health: Epidemiologic Methods for Global Health (EPI505), a case-based Introduction to Global Health Care Delivery (GHP532), and Management Practices in Health Care Delivery (GHP555).  The GHDI program is one of GHD’s efforts to expand the educational opportunities in global health delivery, and to convene a new cadre of health professionals trained in delivering value-based health care within their own contexts. Since beginning in 2009, 300+ students from more than 40 countries have been trained. The program will be held from July 5-28, 2017.

The Intern will provide a hands-on role in the day-to-day implementation of the GHDI program, including administrative and curricular research tasks as described below. The position will entail a high level of daily interaction with the ~50 global health professionals who form our student cohort.


1) GHDI Program and GHP555 Management Practices in Health Care Delivery Course Support

  • Assist GHDI program coordinator with daily course logistics, including classroom media/slides set up, preparing and distributing materials and name cards, welcoming guest faculty, posting assignments and announcements on the course website, greeting students before class, gathering/fielding student questions, etc.
  • Create student facebook
  • Attend GHP555, Management Practices in Health Care Delivery, on a daily basis; take student attendance and notes on material covered.
  • Assist with GHDI event planning and logistics (student welcome gathering, graduation reception).
  • Assist GHP555 course instructor with daily slide deck preparation and research tasks pertaining to management practices and global health.
  • Assist students in forming after-class study groups and booking rooms for study groups

2) GHDI Student Experience Data Collection and Evaluation

  • Assist with collection of GHDI student experience data through interviews and focus groups:
    • Help conduct 10-15 minute individual student interviews (number TBD)
    • Develop interview questions
    • Recruit students to participate
    • Transcribe individual interviews
  • Help develop and distribute the course evaluation to all students; help synthesize results into a report for the directors and faculty.

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated interest in global health (either through study or work experience) is a plus.
  • Experience in offering hands-on classroom support is valuable but not required.
  • Attention to detail, excellent communication skills, and a high degree of professionalism are necessary for success in this role.