304. EarthEnable, Nyamata, Rwanda

Please note that applications will be accepted for this internship until February 5th at 5pm. Applying for this internship will not count against the three application limit, so you may apply for this in addition to three others.

EarthEnable is a social enterprise with the mission of improving health and housing in low-income communities by eliminating unsanitary dirt floors. Billions of people globally live on dirt floors, which are a major cause of infectious disease, respiratory illness, malnutrition, and vector-born diseases. EarthEnable builds locally sourced, earthen floors that are 75% cheaper than a concrete floor, as well as more sustainable. EarthEnable currently focuses on providing these floors to the 80% of Rwandans that live on dirt floors. EarthEnable emerged from a class at Stanford University 2.5 years ago, and is based in Nyamata Rwanda. The EarthEnable team is about 100 people strong, and almost entirely Rwandese. www.earthenable.org

Summer Project:

Because EarthEnable is a new and rapidly growing organization there is always a large need for smart and hardworking people in all areas of the company, and new people are integrated quickly. As such, we are fairly flexible on the exact projects the intern will be working with, and can adjust according to the individual’s interests and experience. The departments that would likely be a good fit for an intern are sales and marketing, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising, and systems/ IT/ admin. Exact Responsibilities would be determined based on the needs of the department at the time.


  1. Sales and marketing: market research, training sales reps, developing marketing materials.
  2. Monitoring and evaluation: data analysis, survey design, report writing.
  3. Fundraising: grant writing, funder research, grant reporting.
  4. Systems/ IT/ admin: updating and improving IT systems, updating website and other media, general admin tasks.

Experience and Qualifications:

Some experience in the area of the internship, as well as in using any related tools would be very useful. For example, a potential intern interested in monitoring and evaluation should have some experience in Excel and/ or STATA.

The characteristics we look for in interns and other employees are open-mindedness, a very strong work ethic, respect for all, curiosity, and a sense of humor. As a startup located in Rwanda we are also looking for people that are gritty and willing to get their hands dirty in a job that will be challenging but ultimately highly rewarding.


EarthEnable does not provide housing, however they are more than happy to assist in finding appropriate housing. An intern would likely live in Kigali and commute to Nyamata each day by car with a number of other employees.