The 2022-23 Blue Book is now available!

A list of courses that fulfill the various requirements of the Secondary Field in Global Health and Health Policy is available in an sortable spreadsheet (see Excel file below). Note that the spreadsheet has two tabs at the bottom: the left tab lists courses that appear in the 2022-23 course catalogs, while the right tab lists courses that were offered previously but still count for GHHP credit. More details, including course descriptions, are available in the Blue Book (see PDF file below).

The Blue Book 2022-2023536 KB
GHHP Courses 2022-202342 KB

Petitioning Courses for GHHP Credit

Students may petition to have additional courses count for GHHP Secondary Field credit if they have a substantial global health or health policy content. To petition a course, email your request to Debbie Whitney, attach a syllabus, and explain which category within the GHHP Secondary Field you believe the course satisfies.

It is likely that courses offered at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, once petitioned and reviewed, would count for GHHP. Please be aware, however, that many courses offered at the Chan School are half-semester courses and provide only half the credit of a semester-long course in FAS.