362. Multi Aid Programs (MAPs), Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Multi-Aid Programs (MAPs) is a refugee-led non-profit, non-governmental organization in Lebanon that builds the capacity of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese to thrive in current conditions. To restore hope and dignity, the MAPs team of 300 local personnel deliver programs in primary education, continuing education & community service, healthcare, relief and community-led participatory research. MAPs is revolutionizing what refugee livelihood looks by leveraging innovation and creativity as survival tools. With extensive medical and organizational experience, MAPs has been working with Syrian refugees since 2013. MAPs provides more than 300,000 services annually through a comprehensive primary health care center, a breast cancer disease center, a diabetes rehabilitation center, a MHPSS outreach program and nine Teaching Centers in informal settlements. In addition, MAPs implements successful STEM programs at its two vocational training centers. MAPs also provides relief assistance to families across Bekaa and Beirut.



Summer Project

This project will be dynamic and flexible. Interests of interns and needs of MAPs will be taken into consideration. Although activities will remote engagement, there is still possibility to foster connections with the community through Zoom sessions. This role will provide needed support to our Livelihoods program which includes a Community-Based Participatory Research Center. Interns will have the opportunity to co-design and conduct a research project as well as lead research capacity building workshops for our Refugee Research Network.


This internship will involve hands-on support to developing our Refugee Research Network. Tasks will include preparing and conducting research workshops, and co-designing research projects of interest to the community. If interns are interested in continuing this research after the summer, a peer reviewed journal article can be produced.


Research skills, organization and time management, ability to take initiative, teamwork, knowledge of refugee populations, creativity

Additional Requirements

There will be no specific requirements for this position. Note that USA passport holders receive an automatic 3 month tourist visa upon entry into Lebanon.

Work Environment

This internship is designed to be virtual and is still highly interactive with the local community.


On a scale of 0 to 5, the level of internship supervision from very little (0) to a great deal (5) will be a 3.

Special Intructions

In your personal statement, you must answer the following questions: Do you have experience working with refugees or disadvantaged populations? If so, what did you learn? Are you familiar with Community-Based Participatory Research? Why do you think this is an important research approach?

Quotes from Previous Fellows

"While interning for the Multi Aid Programs organization in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, I am helping develop the Women's Empowerment Agency through Visual Expression and Dialogue (WEAVED) initiative for working Syrian refugee and low-income Lebanese women in the region involved in crochet handcraft that financially supports themselves and local refugee community. WEAVED is a Photovoice participatory needs assessment that encourages participants to reclaim their narratives using various outlets of creative expression (including photography and journaling), which highlights community challenges and concerns through thought-provoking discussions and helps ignite social change by broadcasting community-approved photography on the project Instagram platform. Among other exciting responsibilities, I mainly meet with participants each week in various virtual settings to guide photography workshops and objectives and discuss their photographs in group settings and interviews." Nesreen Shukr, Summer 2020

"This summer, I was fortunate to be able to intern at both the American University of Beirut Global Health institute and the Multi-Aid Programs nonprofit, both of which are Lebanon-based. With MAPS, I am developing a Needs Assessment report for Syrian refugees in a southeasten Turkish city that will help in creating a clearer picture of what humanitarian aid services are needed most. With AUB, I helped expand the first COVID timeline and one of the first NGO-empowerment platforms in the MENA region, along with other research-based projects." Maya Almoussa, Summer 2020

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