338. UCLA Art & Global Health Center, Los Angeles, CA

Please Note: This internship is co-sponsored with The Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship’s Mindich Summer Service Fellowship. The primary affiliation is with HGHI, so HGHI will be the point of contact during the application and internship onboarding process. The intern selected for this internship will have the obligations and benefits of an intern in both HGHI and The Center for Public Service & Engaged Scholarship.

The UCLA Art & Global Health Center unleashes the transformative power of the arts to advance global health. We use the arts as a tool of research, analysis, and social action to push for improved health domestically and internationally. We seek to understand and implement arts-based projects where various kinds of art and performance make concrete interventions on health issues. A large focus of our work is on holistic sexual health through our two flagship programs, AMP! and Through Positive Eyes. AMP!, also known as Sex Squad, is an arts-based sexual health education supplement to standard high school curriculum that pushes for inclusive, non-judgmental, student-led dialogue and education. University students learn about sexual health issues and then create performance work, based on Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed, that is shared with high school students. Through Positive Eyes is a participatory photography project by and for people living with HIV around the world, using photography to share their stories and fight stigma. In addition, we are partnering with the Center for Theater of the Oppressed (Rio de Janeiro) on a summer 2021 study program, on the theme of anti-racism.


Summer Project

We are very enthusiastic to meet potential interns and explore together which project they feel most drawn to, and also what skills they bring to the table that might be of the most use. The three projects mentioned earlier (AMP!/Sex Squad, Through Positive Eyes, and Theater of the Oppressed for Anti-Racism) could all potentially use intern support. Please note that in Summer 2021 Through Positive Eyes will be on exhibition in Seattle, at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center, either online or in-person. During Summer 2021, we will be exploring future venues for the exhibition, including a live photo-storytelling component.


We anticipate collaboratively agreeing on responsibilities based both on project needs and the skill set of the selected intern.


An interest in art and activism is a strong plus, as well as the ability to work both proactively as an individual and collectively as a part of a group. Skills such as project coordination, graphic design, web design, photography, video editing, social media, experience mounting exhibitions, and others are welcome additions.

It is critical that students be prepared to work in an LGBTQI-inclusive environment amongst a team striving to reimagine its work with an undoing racism lens inside of an academic institution.

Work Environment

Pre- and post-COVID, we are housed inside the department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance in UCLA’s Kaufman Hall. Because our UCLA calendar goes until mid-June, there will be other students and interns around for the first half of the internship, and then students on campus (but less so in our office) for the second half. If we are still under quarantine, you may expect daily staff meetings via Zoom.


On a scale of 0 to 5, the level of internship supervision from very little (0) to a great deal (5) will be a 3.5.


The earlier in the summer that the intern is able to arrive the better, in order to be involved in activities during UCLA’s Spring Quarter.

Special Instructions

In your personal statement, please state which project or projects would be of greatest interest to you.

Quotes from Previous Fellows

"This summer, I have been working as an intern at UCLA Art & Global Health Center. Primarily, I have been working to support Through Positive Eyes, an ongoing photography storytelling project for individuals living with HIV/AID. Additionally, I have been supporting the center's involvement in the International AIDS Conference, working to build a social media campaign and aiding the live workshop logistics. Lastly, I am working to increase the accessibility of the center's sex-education videos by transcribing and translating captions in multiple languages. I have loved getting to work with a team that is dedicated to justice and growth." Leo Garcia, Summer 2020

“This summer, I have had the wonderful pleasure to intern at UCLA’s Art & Global Health Center, where I have been learning about the different forms arts activism takes to alleviate public health issues around the globe. Among other things, I have been working on creating a website compiling engaging sex-education videos, making them more easily accessible to educators across the country, but particularly to the Center’s partners in Southern California and North Carolina. I have also been working on publishing a photographic project empowering HIV positive individuals from a variety of different countries to share their stories.” Saul Urbina-Johanson, Summer 2018

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